Our Level 3 is a great entertainment center. With its rich offer, each Client will certainly find something for themselves. Apart from the five modern multimedia bowling tracks, it has a restaurant, and a play room for children. A nice and professional staff will be always happy to assist you, or answer your questions.

Bowling Room

We offer a bowling room (American bowling). The bowling room is fully automated with a computer system. Each of the five tracks has a monitor, which displays the results of games.

In order to book a track, please call: 18 20 258 18.

Aqua Bar

A restaurant which offers household cuisine and delicious goodies. Thanks to its excellent staff, the experience will certainly be memorable, and the time spent here will improve your mood and make your stay at Aqua Park more pleasant.

Play Room

Have a great time with us together with your child, who has a great occasion to test themselves physically and intellectually.
We will be happy to organize children balls, birthday parties, or an event combined with a bowling game for you.

In the Play Room, there is:
• A 17 inch touch panel with 38 games.
• A climbing wall.
• A magnetic wallpaper - A wall with blackboard paint - it makes it possible to draw on the wall with chalk.
• Playground devices - Christmas trees.
• Playground device - a house, along with a 30 inch display - it has game, music, video functions.
• Playground house with a slide.
• Ball pool.
• Magnetic blocks.
• "Sheep" seats.
• Pouffes imitating wooden logs.
• Pouffes imitating moss.
• Wooden blocks.
• Sonic blocks.
• "Marine Life" overlay.
• Ball track green toys.
• Soft toys.
• Crayons.
• Painting books.

ul. Jagiellońska 31, 34-500 Zakopane

phone: +48 18 20 01 122




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