Finnish Sauna

It is a kind of dry sauna with a relatively low air humidity of 1 – 20%. It has a temperature of 96 – 100oC. A Finnish sauna is a small room with wooden benches arranged in the form of stairs. Staying in a sauna has a regenerating, warming, and strengthening effect. Visits at a Finnish sauna are recommended mostly to individuals who want to strengthen their system to neutralize the future risk of common cold and infections.
A single session should not be longer than 8 - 15 minutes.


It is a kind of Finnish sauna with a lower temperature (65oC), and a higher air humidity (35%). It is good for the nervous system, by exciting it and relaxing at the same time. Biosauna is also beneficial for people with hypertension, and hypersensitivie circulatory vessels. Due to automatic dosage of smell substances, it is also called the aromatic sauna. The aromas released during a 12 - 20 minute session help warm the body up, and strengthen the vitals of the system. It is chosen mostly by individuals for whom the classic Finnish sauna is too hot.

Saline Sauna

In a saline sauna, the air humidity varies within 60 - 80%, the temperature is 30 - 40oC. Thanks to warm, humid air, saline inhalation and aromatherapy, visits at the sauna positively affect the flow capacity of the airway. Other advantages of this type of sauna include its healing effect on the skin, which after a 12 - 20 minute session becomes very smooth and humid.

Steam Bathroom

Staying in a steam bath can turn into a rite for the body and senses of several tens of minutes. The high air humidity inside (90 - 100%) with its not too high temperature (40 - 45oC) help purify the body, accelerate blood circulation, and also improve the absorption of care products. Just before the last session at the sauna, it is recommended to use balsams, oils, and also hair conditioners. This way, the care products shall penetrate deeper than during a standard application.

Winter Cabin

The winter cabin is recommended mostly to individuals, who pay a lot of attention to a healthy and pretty appearance of their body. Relatively low temperatures amounting to 10 - 15oC, and an air humidity of 45 - 55% help burn the accumulated fat and reduce cellulite. Right after the first session, the skin is smooth and firm. Visits in the winter cabin positively influence the health condition, by strengthening the blood vessels, reducing muscle tension, or improving oxygen supply to the cells.

Relaxation Room

The relaxation room perfectly completes the offer of the World of Saunas. It is a place, where you can relax before visiting the sauna, or regenerate after leaving it. While resting in a comfortable position, you will calm down your senses, your breath, your thoughts, and, first of all, you will grasp the essence of the word relaxation.

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