We offer a bowling room (American bowling). The bowling room is fully automated with a computer system. Each of the five tracks has a monitor, which displays the results of games.

In order to book a track, please call: 18 20 258 18.

Game Rules:

A standard bowling game consists of 10 rounds. In each of them, a competitor has two ball throws.

  • Before starting the first round, collect special bowling shoes from the bowling alley's employee.
  • A competitor should choose a ball, the weight of which matches their physical capabilities, and with a hole spacing that fits their hand.
  • The ball should be held with three fingers, the ring finger, the middle finger, and the thumb. The ring finger and the middle finger should be inserted down to the depth of the second knuckle, and the thumb to the full depth.
  • While holding the ball with both hands at a height of the chest, position yourself on the run-up line.
  • Then, the competitor should take a straighten, free stance; the elbows should be at the hips, and the feet joined, directed at the target.
  • To succeed, the steps must be coordinated with the swing.
  • When moving the hand with the ball forwards, move the right leg ahead.
  • When placing the left foot, let the hand with the ball fall down.
  • Then, the competitor should place the right leg and move the ball as far as possible to the back.
  • Finally, slide on the left leg (slightly bent at the knee), and release the ball right above the surface of the track.

We wish you a lot of fun and great results in the game!

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