Aqua Park Zakopane undertakes to protect your privacy by making any effort to properly secure your personal data entrusted to us.


According to the Regulation on Personal Data Protection of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR"), we would like to inform that:

  1. Personal Data Controller:
    The controller of your personal data is POLSKIE TATRY S.A., address: ul. Droga do Białego 7c, 34-500 Zakopane, KRS 0000105395, REGON 490067757, NIP 7360005718, which is the owner of Aqua Park Zakopane, ul. Jagiellońska 31, 34-500 Zakopane, phone 18 20 011 22, e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    If you are using the services of Aqua Park Zakopane through other entities – the Partners (hereinafter "Intermediary Entities"), these Entities also process your personal data, to the extent you have made them available. The detailed principles of the processing of your personal data by the Intermediary Entities have been specified in their Privacy Procedures and Policies.

  2. Personal Data Processing Purposes, Legal Basis and the Obligation to Provide the Data:
    1. Aqua Park Zakopane can process your personal data to the necessary extent in line with Art 6 section 1 letter b) of GDPR, in order to meet the duties and to exercise the rights within the contracts concluded, in particular concerning:
      • the provision of leisure and sport services,
      • the provision of restaurant services,
      • the organization of events, birthday parties,
      • selling tickets and promotional packages on-line,
      • renting premises.

        The provision of your personal data is voluntary, but you cannot conclude and implement any contract without providing them.

    2. Aqua Park Zakopane can process your personal data to the necessary extent in line with Art 6 section 1 letter c) or f) of GDPR, for implementing the legal obligation, and to exercise legally justified interests, in order to:
      • ensure the safety of the people and property, among others by the application of visual monitoring in all public zones within the facility, and in its direct surroundings,
      • examine any possible complaints, and also determine or pursuit any claims, or to defend against any claims,
      • to execute the procedure of handling things found within Aqua Park facility in Zakopane.
    3. Aqua Park Zakopane can process your personal data according to Art 6 section 1 letter c) or d) of GDPR to implement any legal obligation, or to protect the vital Interests of the persons that the data relate to in situations, which require this, and which have occurred within the facility, in particular when it is necessary to provide first aid.

      Providing your personal data for the above purpose is necessary for Aqua Park Zakopane to take adequate actions.

    4. Aqua Park Zakopane can process your personal data to the necessary extent in line with Art 6 section 1 letter a) GDPR with your voluntary consent, to:
      • issue Gym & Fitness block tickets,
      • issue block tickets registered to a particular person,
      • issue group tickets,
      • marketing, information tickets, or to choose a proper package of different promotional, and other services.

        Providing your personal data within the consent given is voluntary, and your consent to process your data may be withdrawn at all times. The method of withdrawing your consent, and the results of not consenting, or of withdrawing your consent are determined by the Controller each time in the notification given at the time of receiving the given consent.

  3. Information on the Categories of Personal Data Recipients:
    1. Your personal data can be made available to:
      • employees and associates of Aqua Park Zakopane, who are authorized to process data in connection with performing their official duties, tasks ordered to them,
      • the Intermediary Entities involved in using the services at Aqua Park Zakopane, based on your instructions,
      • the providers of any technical and organizational services who serve Aqua Park Zakopane, to the extent necessary to provide those services, but only within the authorizations, or as entrusted (in particular, any entities specialized in the technical operation of ICT systems),
      • entities authorized according to the provisions of the law.

  4. Transferring Personal Data to a Third State or an International Organization:
    1. Aqua Park Zakopane shall not transfer your personal data to recipients located outside the European Economic Area (countries of the European Union).
    2. In the case of using any services of Aqua Park Zakopane with the help of any Intermediary Entities, and contacting Aqua Park Zakopane through social media or other communication channels, for which the service providers have placed e.g.: servers outside the area of the European Union, your personal data may be processed in a third state. All such Entities have their own privacy procedures and policies.

  5. Period for which the Personal Data will be Stored:
    1. Aqua Park Zakopane shall process your personal data necessary to implement the services chosen by you according to the contract, and shall keep your personal data for the period required by the provisions of the law for archiving purposes, to fulfill the requirements of the binding regulations on accountancy and on keeping tax documentation, and for settling any possible mutual claims.
    2. Any monitoring data being processed are automatically overwritten, and will be kept for a time period necessary to protect persons or property owned by the Controller, or for a period necessary to determine or pursue claims, but for no more than 3 months. After this period, the data will be replaced by up-to-date (overwritten) data, except for the situations that require explanatory procedures due to any threats to the safety of people and property. For such exceptional situations, any monitoring data shall be processed according to the arising circumstances, and the legal requirements.
  6. Rights of the persons whose details are processed:
    1. You have the right to demand that the controller make the personal data available, correct it, supplement it, remove or restrict its processing, the right to withdraw your consent at any time without any effect on the conformity with the law of any processing which has been completed under the consent prior to the withdrawal. The Right to Transfer the Data and the Right to File a Complaint with the Supervisory Authority.
    2. In the case of processing any personal data based on your consent, you have the right to revoke it at any time, and in the case of processing based on the Personal Data Controller's legally justified interest, you have the right of objection against such processing due to your specific situation.
  7. Information on Automated Decision Making:
    1. You will not be subjected to decisions made in an automated way (without the involvement of humans). Also your personal data shall not be used for profiling without your prior expressed consent.
    2. Profiling may be performed by Aqua Park Zakopane based on your consent, expressed for this purpose separately, e.g.. for determining a fitting service package or loyalty program package.
    3. Profiling may be performed regarding your personal data by the Intermediary Entities, and those offering communication channels based on your choice and decision – regarding the use of them. Such Entities have their own procedures and privacy policies.

  8. Application of "Cookies":
    1. a. The website uses "cookie" files.
    2. b. "Cookies" applied at www.aqua may keep any data.
    3. c. The "cookie" files are usually small text files stored on end user machines intended to surf the internet. These files make it possible to identify the device of a User, and to display the website while adapting it to their individual preferences. The "cookies" usually contain the name of the website which they come from, their storage time on the End User's device, and their unique number.
    4. d. We use the "cookie" files to read and analyze statistics, among others, from Google AdWords, Analytics.
    5. e. The "cookie" files are used in order to adjust the website content to the users' preferences, and to optimize the use of the websites. Any personal data collected with the use of the "cookies" can be collected solely for the purpose of performing specified functions for the users. Such details are encrypted in a way preventing unauthorized persons from accessing them. Limiting the use of "cookies" may affect some functionalities available on the website.

      If you do not consent to the use of "cookies" in the above manner, please disable them in your browser's settings, or stop using the web site.

Aqua Park Zakopane reserves the right to change its privacy policy.

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