Recreational swimming pool with swimming tracks

Most popular among active people. The swimming pool is equipped with three separate swimming tracks and a recreational section with water jets, and with a bottom air geyser. The water jets help recover the vitals, ease neck and back aches, shape the silhouette, and make the skin look better.

Water temperature: 29-32oC
Depth: 1-1,5 m
Length: 25 m

Recreational Swimming Pool

As a swimming pool adapted for children and adults, it is perfect for family fun and recreation. It is equipped with water jets and cascades, (bottom air and bottom stream) geysers, a counter-current system, a wall-bottom massage system, and underwater deck chairs. All these water attractions positively influence your health, looks, and general well-being.

Water temperature: 29-32oC
Depth: 1,3 m
Length: 40 m

Open-Air Recreational-Medical Thermal Pool

An excellent alternative for the swimming pool hall at Aqua Park Zakopane is the open air swimming pool, in which water temperature is 32oC. It offers fun outdoors, even when the outside temperature is -10oC. A unique chemical content of the water (calcium, sodium, sulfur, magnesium, potassium, and silicon) decides of its medical properties. Hence, bathing in it helps fight rheumatic conditions, issues with the motor organs, skin, and, in addition, improves blood circulation, and brings the blood pressure down. An undeniable advantage of this swimming pool is also the picturesque view on the Tatry Mountains, which can be seen without leaving the water.

Water temperature: 29-32oC
Depth: 1 - 1,35 m
Length: 33 m

Shallow Pool for Children

The shallow pool located within the area of Aqua Park Zakopane has been designed for the facility's youngest Guests. It is the shallowest pool within the complex. The mini slides, and animal- shaped toys are very popular among children. Even a short visit at the shallow pool guarantees a memorable experience.

Water temperature: 33oC
Depth: 0,3 m

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